Körper Gesundheit

Physical discomfort and pain

Do you have chronic or acute pain and discomfort? In the jungle of health tips, expert opinions and specialist advice, do you miss the overview of what exactly could help you now and where it makes sense to start?

I want to know what's wrong with me! I need a really good anamnesis and diagnostics.

In holistic cause diagnostics, we take a detailed look at all four relevant areas: Body – Psyche – Sport and Nutrition. Innovative diagnostics for blood, saliva and stool can often give us information about the condition of all crucial body systems.

Furthermore, with IST electroacupuncture diagnostics we want to find out the disturbance fields, which stood so far against a recovery.
However, this method is not recognized by evidence-based medicine (orthodox medicine). Sufficient scientific studies to prove the validity of the method have not been presented. I refer to the observations of individual therapists.

Through sport-motor tests and in the nutritional questionnaire, the levers that you can apply yourself to ensure sustainable health and well-being are often revealed.

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I think my hormones are going crazy!

Unfulfilled desire to have children, PMS, menopausal symptoms, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or burnt out and lacking energy? Here a saliva and/or blood test to determine the hormones can be useful! The subsequent therapy then takes place with bioidentical hormones, which correspond exactly to the body’s own hormones and can therefore, in my view, be ideally processed by the body. In the holistic anamnesis on the 4 levels: Body – Psyche – Sport and Nutrition, we can then still find out the areas that allow fine-tuning.

Natural hormone therapy has very little to do with orthodox hormone substitution therapy because, among other things, it reacts subtly even to very small fluctuations and uses other drugs. Scientifically valid studies on its effects and efficacy have not been presented. It belongs to the complementary naturopathic methods.
To state this clearly at this point, these are naturopathic findings that have not been proven by valid scientific studies on the effect and efficacy of these bioidentical hormones in the very moderate dosages we use. All statements about the effectiveness or the areas of application therefore refer to observations of individual therapists.

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I would like to strengthen my immune system sustainably!

Many people get the flu again and again, have already had the fifth bladder infection or do not really feel strong in defense the whole year. Then a well-founded immunological therapy with the Immune Systemic Test Setup according to Dr. Fonk can be a great help for you. This is because the interference fields such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or dental foci that previously stood in the way of a strong immune system can be revealed here.

This method, which has developed from electro-acupuncture according to Voll, is a very interesting naturopathic alternative concept, which has proven itself in my practice. However, there is no scientific recognition of the method through the presentation of valid scientific studies. Therefore, I always verify the results with the help of valid procedures from evidence-based medicine.

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I have trouble concentrating, have headaches and lack of energy, sleep poorly and am constantly unhappy.

Constant lack of energy, chronic headaches, shoulder and neck tension, teeth grinding, concentration problems and problems falling asleep and staying asleep are much more common than one might think. But what can be done? In the targeted therapy of energy deficiency, neurological and stress-related complaints, the holistic anamnesis as well as the innovative cause diagnostics play a decisive role in order to find the lever on which naturopathic treatment can be sustainably applied. Here blood, saliva and stool can give us information about the condition of all crucial body systems. With IST electro-acupuncture diagnostics we want to find out, if possible, the interference fields that have so far stood in the way of recovery. Through sport-motor tests and in the nutrition questionnaire, the therapy approaches are revealed, which you can also apply yourself to ensure lasting health and well-being.

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Diarrhea? - Constipation? - Flatulence? - or everything in alternation?

When treating digestive problems of any kind, the composition and strengthening of the microbiome, the totality of all bacteria living in our body, is particularly important, but also the glandular activity of the stomach, liver and pancreas. In addition to the holistic cause diagnosis on the 4 levels body – psyche – sport – nutrition, the focus is on blood and stool tests and finding out the foods that strengthen your own metabolism and do not weaken it. With a targeted nutrition plan based on “healthy & active”, with pre- and probiotics as well as the elimination of harmful intestinal bacteria and parasites, the stomach can often feel good again and go about its work.

This is also often referred to in naturopathy as intestinal rehabilitation. Evidence-based medicine, commonly known as conventional medicine, is also familiar with intestinal cleansing, but only uses it very rarely in comparison to naturopathy. For example, after a high-dose antibiotic therapy that has destroyed the natural intestinal flora. Some of what naturopathy attributes to intestinal cleansing has not yet been sufficiently scientifically researched, so we are moving on the ground of observations and logical hypotheses, but our solid knowledge is increasing.

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I want to get rid of my pain and nothing helps!

In the holistic pain therapy for acute and chronic pain, the cause diagnosis on the 4 levels body – psyche – sport – nutrition is particularly important. The protracted nature and severity of pain often affect the mind, and the resulting hopelessness in chronic pain then affects the body again. Thus it is important to consider body and psyche equally. But it is also important to take in enough healing substances through food, to keep the body mobile with balancing movements and to release old toxins from the body with detoxification procedures.

Purging procedures, the removal of “toxins”, are among the established treatment procedures of naturopathy. Practiced for many centuries, there are nevertheless no valid scientific studies on their effects and effectiveness, because hardly anyone has bothered to do them.
Evidence-based medicine, by the way, does not talk about toxins here, but about metabolic intermediates or end-products and, consequently, knows practically no elimination procedures. This is a terminology that has been established in naturopathy long before there was a conventional medical toxicology. Therefore, we are happy to continue using these terms and not get into a terminology dispute.

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Methods used:

Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT)

Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT Method) was developed by Christopher-Marc Gordon to efficiently and sustainably treat chronic pain and stress. This newly developed method of myofascial osteopathy is a scientifically based combination of techniques for pain management, stress management, performance enhancement and self-help treatment. The IFT method combines myofascial pain therapy through manual and instrumental therapy methods and the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system through heart rate variability training, which restores and improves the regulatory capacity of the autonomic nervous system.

Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness and sustainability of the IFT method. Stiffness and elasticity of the tissue are improved, making joints more mobile and correcting stereotypical movement patterns. The targeted and slow treatment of deep tissue structures has a balancing effect on the whole organism via the fascial system, helping it to achieve new balance and vitality, correcting muscular and painful imbalances.

Behanldungsliege zur Faszientherapie

Vital and metabolic analyses

With the normal blood test, you get a few values that are only relevant if they are outside the reference range. In the vital and metabolic analysis, more than 50 parameters are examined and related to each other in order to record and assess the current metabolic process in its entirety.

In addition, targeted examinations of the hormones in the blood and saliva as well as the microbiome in the stool can provide further indications of diseases and their causes!

Based on this, the therapy with orthomolecular, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicine is carried out.


Immune system test setup

The Immune System Test (IST) according to Dr. Ingrid Fonk is a structured and empirically proven further development of electro-acupuncture (-diagnostics) according to Dr. Reinhard Voll. With the help of the meridians and Voll’s vessels on hands and feet, conclusions can be drawn about bacterial, viral, parasitic and mycotic stresses, as well as dental foci and dental material compatibility.

This method is a very interesting naturopathic alternative concept that has proven itself in my practice. However, there is no scientific recognition of the method through the presentation of valid scientific studies. Therefore, I always verify the results with the help of valid procedures from evidence-based medicine.

After completion of the diagnosis, a targeted therapy with homeopathic individual remedies and nosodes follows. Phytotherapeutic, spagyric and allopathic medicines as well as Schuessler salts are also used.

IST Diagnostik


Body therapy is a manual procedure that includes physical and psychological aspects in equal parts in the treatment. Breathing and the autonomic nervous system are considered as a crucial interface in body therapy. The goal of body therapy is to help people to arrive completely at themselves, to be in the here and now, to be able to deal well with all emotions and to have a pain-free moving body.

To achieve this goal in the best possible way, manual work is done on the body as well as a therapeutic conversation.

Manuelle Therapie

How does the method work in general?

  1. At the beginning there is a comprehensive anamnesis and cause diagnosis, which should make it possible to identify the cause of your complaints.
  2. A therapy plan is then drawn up, providing information about the expected costs, the frequency and duration of therapy, and an overview of which methods will be used.
  3. Now the therapy takes place at the agreed appointments. These depend in their duration and frequency on the method and your complaints.
  4. With regularly agreed interim controls and a final diagnosis, we strive to ensure the success of the therapy.

The treatment methods described here and on further pages originate from empirical medicine. The majority of these established, medical therapy methods have not yet been sufficiently scientifically validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (orthodox medicine). In particular, randomized, controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses do not yet exist. A success of the empirical medical therapy forms cannot be guaranteed in every treatment case.