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What does holistic medicine mean?

Recognize the crucial connections for illness, health and well-being, take them seriously and consider them in therapy.

  1. Body and psyche constantly influence each other, and to a much greater extent than previously assumed.
  2. Our lifestyle – how we sleep, what we eat, what environmental toxins we are exposed to, how we exercise, and how we form our relationships – affects our health to the highest degree.
  3. All organ systems are interrelated. A seemingly orthopedic problem can have its cause e.g. in the intestine, especially from a naturopathic point of view.
  4. Every person is a unique and one-of-a-kind personality with a very individual story, their own desires and goals. You may have something completely different “on” NOW than another person who seems to have the same problem.
  5. Orthodox medicine and naturopathy complement each other wonderfully and are not opposites!

What is the general course of therapy?

  • At the beginning there is a comprehensive anamnesis and cause diagnostics, which should identify the cause of your symptoms.
  • A therapy plan is then drawn up, providing information about the expected costs, the frequency and duration of therapy, and an overview of which methods will be used.
  • Now the therapy takes place at the agreed appointments. These depend in their duration and frequency on the method and your complaints.
  • With regularly agreed interim controls and a final diagnosis, we strive to ensure the success of the therapy.

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The treatment methods described here and on further pages originate from empirical medicine. The majority of these established, medical therapy methods have not yet been sufficiently scientifically validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (orthodox medicine). In particular, randomized, controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses do not yet exist. A success of the empirical medical therapy forms cannot be guaranteed in every treatment case.