Gesunde Ernährung

Holistic nutritional counseling

Do you no longer know what is actually good for you because of all the dietary advice? Do you feel confused by the contradictory fad diets and their promises of success?

What is actually the best diet? What is a healthy diet?
 That depends entirely on what metabolic type you are and what really strengthens your body instead of weakening it. It depends not only on what we eat, but also on how and when we eat.

The best diet can therefore only be an individual diet. Adapted to your own life and your own body!

What are you allowed to eat at all these days?

The way to the individually suitable nutrition may be found! Here, in addition to sound background knowledge, it helps above all to regain trust in one’s own body. A first step in this direction is the metabolism program of “healthy & active”, in which on the basis of the blood group, further laboratory parameters as well as with the help of a questionnaire the metabolism burn type and the food are to be found out, which fit ideally to the own metabolism. Once the body is back in balance, it is easy to find out what is good for you and what is not. In addition, body therapy can sustainably improve one’s own body feeling through gentle touch and processing of emotions.

Do you want to be able to feel again what your body needs and what not? Then it’s best to make an appointment right now or book a free initial consultation!

No matter what I eat, I can't tolerate it! - My digestion is crazy! I want to finally find a diet that is good for me.

Immediate help for food intolerances and digestive problems! 
In the case of fructose malabsorption, histamine intolerance, leaky gut, gluten intolerance and other digestive complaints, the rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal tract is particularly important in addition to a precise medical history and the renunciation of problematic foods. Through blood and stool examinations, the weak points can be identified in many cases and then treated. Parallel to this, the metabolic program of “healthy & active” often helps to eat the foods that optimally support the organism during this time and do not further weaken it. This can often lead to a faster and sustainable recovery.

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Which diet will help me find my ideal weight - without the yoyo effect?

With the metabolism program of “healthy & active” you can lose weight from my point of view healthy and sustainable without yoyo effect. Based on the blood group, other laboratory parameters and with the help of a questionnaire, the metabolic combustion type and the foods that ideally suit your own metabolism are found out, in order to optimize your weight in the long term. You can throw mental ballast overboard in the body therapy, in order to feel yourself better and to feel really well in your body.

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Food & me? - There is a problem

The holistic therapy for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating starts exactly where the cause of the problems usually lies, your own body perception, the sense of what really does you good. In order to regain this body sense in such a sustainable way, body therapy through gentle touching and tracing can be the key to experiencing yourself anew and discarding old damaging behaviors. In logotherapeutic psychotherapy, the new body feeling can then in many cases also be anchored conducively in the thoughts and own convictions. Infusions can usually ensure the supply of the most important vitamins and minerals to further rebuild the body.

Are you ready to enter into a new relationship with yourself and your diet? Then it’s best to make an appointment right now or book a free initial consultation!

Methods that are used:

Nutrition therapy – nutrition coaching

Nutritional therapy is the therapeutic adaptation of nutrition to the individual patients’ needs illness and also apart from illness.

Nutrition coaching aims to improve nutrition for long-term energy increase, weight optimization and health maintenance.

Both nutrition therapy and nutrition coaching use the “healthy & active” nutrition system. Here, an individual nutrition plan is put together based on the blood group, blood values and personality. However, it is not only about what we eat but also very important how we eat!

Vital and metabolic analyses

With the normal blood test, you get a few values that are only relevant if they are outside the reference range. In the vital and metabolic analysis, more than 50 parameters are examined and related to each other in order to record and assess the current metabolic process in its entirety.

In addition, targeted examinations of hormones in the blood and saliva as well as the microbiome in the stool can provide further indications of diseases and their causes!

Based on this, the therapy with orthomolecular, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicine is carried out.


How does this therapy work in general?

  1. At the beginning there is a comprehensive anamnesis and cause diagnosis, which should make it possible to identify the cause of your complaints.
  2. A therapy plan is then drawn up, providing information about the expected costs, the frequency and duration of therapy, and an overview of which methods will be used.
  3. Now the therapy takes place at the agreed appointments. These depend in their duration and frequency on the method and your complaints.
  4. With regularly agreed interim controls and a final diagnosis, we strive to ensure the success of the therapy.

The treatment methods described here and on further pages originate from empirical medicine. The majority of these established, medical therapy methods have not yet been sufficiently scientifically validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (orthodox medicine). In particular, randomized, controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses do not yet exist. A success of the empirical medical therapy forms cannot be guaranteed in every treatment case.