Bioimpendance Analysis Body Check

Bioimpedance analysis is a procedure used to determine the individual body composition as well as the general nutritional and training status. Different components, such as muscle mass, fat mass or water storage capacity are measured in relation to the various body regions and their proportion is determined. In addition to body composition, other important parameters are determined, such as body mass index, daily basal metabolic rate or metabolic age. Above all, the ratio of fat to muscle mass, the amount of adipose tissue and the individual distribution of fat are important factors influencing the development of many modern diseases of civilization.

Fields of application of the bioimpedance analysis

The benefits of the body check are many and varied and offer advantages for almost every person in adulthood. In particular, the BIA is recommended for athletes who want to know the extent to which their training program is producing the desired results, as well as for people who are generally interested in their state of health and body composition.

Examples of possible areas of application are:

  • Measurement of the general condition of the body
  • Analysis and follow-up of the effect of athletic training on body composition
  • Early detection of malnutrition and detection of deficiencies
  • Measurement of rehabilitation progress
  • Determination of the body fat percentage as well as the body fat distribution

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How is a BIA measurement conducted?

The 20-second measurement is carried out using a weak electronic alternating current field, in which the current is passed through the hands and feet and, based on the resulting frequencies, generates measured values ​​​​for the various physical parameters. The values ​​are then displayed using a computer program. The patient thus receives an overview of their own physical condition and can evaluate this together with their therapist in order to initiate ideal steps for a better body composition.

What are the aims of Bioimpedance Analysis?

Getting an overview of the different body values ​​can be helpful in different situations. Because if you know your physical condition exactly, you can take the appropriate steps to prevent possible illnesses and treat symptoms. Therefore, the Bioimpedance Analysis is not only recommended for athletes, but also offers every adult an advantageous insight into their current physical state of health.

The treatment methods described here and on further pages originate from empirical medicine. The majority of these established, medical therapy methods have not yet been sufficiently scientifically validated according to the principles of evidence-based medicine (orthodox medicine). In particular, randomized, controlled studies or comprehensive meta-analyses do not yet exist. A success of the empirical medical therapy forms cannot be guaranteed in every treatment case.